About The Kilt Sporran Co.

Welcome to The Kilt Sporran Company.

We are a family run business that offers a broad range of the highest quality Scottish Sporrans and other Kilt Accessories, which are available at prices that offer excellent value for money.

The Sporrans we stock are handcrafted in Edinburgh using traditional methods and are the finest quality Scottish Sporrans available. All of our other accessories are also made in Scotland.

We work hard to ensure every customer is completely satisfied with the products they order and the service we provide. We also aim to educate via our information pages which cover all aspects of Sporrans, Highlandwear and Kilt Accessories.

Should you have any questions regarding our product range or may even be looking for a sporran that is currently not on our site, please contact us as we are only too happy to assist where we can.

Thank you for visiting The Kilt Sporran Co. online store.

Steven & Kelly Falconer
The Kilt Sporran Co