Leather Sporrans are the ideal Sporran for day to day use, not only are they hard wearing and of the highest quality but a leather sporran can really look the part too.

Although usually overlooked in favour of its semi-dress or full dress sporran counterparts Leather Sporrans come in a wide variety of shapes and styles.

Beginning with the basic leather sporran. This no thrills sporran is a plain leather sporran with front flap and basic tassels. This style is very popular with daily wearers of the sporran and also with football and rugby fans due to its hard-wearing design.

The next step up in leather sporrans is the leather sporran with knotted tassels. The leather knotted tassels are, as with all of our sporrans, handmade in a surprisingly time-consuming process due to their intricacy.

For a top of the range leather sporran you would look towards a celtic design. With its intricate tooling a celtic leather sporran can easily double as a suitable dress sporran for formal occasions.

Not only do leather sporrans offer a hard-wearing alternative to fur sporrans for the daily wearer but due to their longevity offer great value for money.

We can offer our customers a wide range of leather sporrans so if we dont have what youre looking for in stock let uus know what we’re after and we can order it in or alternatively have one custom made for you.