We supply Pewter Kilt Buckles, Kilt Pins, Cufflinks and Gift-Sets.

All of our Pewter Range is hand-crafted using traditional methods in Scotland and is Lead Free.

Pewter is an Alloy which has been used for centuries in the making of giftware and crafts. Originally Pewter was commonly used as tableware before the mass-production of glass took over.

Nowadays Pewter is used Primarily in the making of ornamental items due to its expensive looks and heavy characteristics.

Our Pewter Kilt Buckles are a prime example of this. Heavy-weight and hand-crafted to the highest standard they are the ideal accompaniment to a Kilt Belt. The quality and feel is next to none.

Equally popular are our Pewter Kilt Pins, the majority of which come in a polished finish. With their intricate designs these Kilt Pins shine fantastically in even the dullest of light, our Stoned Kilt Pins even more-so. This gives them a deceivingly expensive look to those who chose to admire them.

Our Polished Pewter Cufflinks come in an Elegant Chrome Display Box and make the ideal gift for a loved one for almost any special occasion.

Building on this we also supply Superb Pewter Gift Sets. These come complete with matching Kilt Buckle, Kilt Pin and Cufflinks all in a beautiful display box. With the sheer quality and feel of all the items within this Pewter Set or customers are always extremely happy not only with the items themselves but with the affordable price at which they are available. These are extremely popular wedding gifts along with wedding sporrans and increasingly popular as graduation presents.

As with all of the Handmade products we supply at The Kilt Sporran Company we always ensure our customers receive the highest quality goods at the most competitive prices.