A Sgian Dubh is an ornamental knife kept in in an individuals kilt hose. Although now seen as a ceremonial accessory this is not a true reflection of the Sgian Dubhs origins.

Historically, it was customary for a Highlander to discard any weapons upon entering a hosts home showing that no harm was intended. Spawning from this came the notion of revealing any weapons and keeping them on show and where easier to keep your weapon but in your sock!!

Over the centuries and with the decreasing need for weaponary in most day to day Scottish life the tradition of wearing a Sgian Dubh as part of Ceremonial Scottish Dress has evolved.

A Sgian Dubh is now normally worn in the right Kilt Hose which is easily supported especially if wearing flashes.

Most Sgian Dubhs will come in black with metal-work detailing. In an additional attempt to make them stand out and add an element of luxury, many modern Sgian Dubhs also sport brightly coloured decorative gem stones.

The exquisite craftsmanship of a Sgian Dubh will give its owner a tremendous sense of pride and honour in owning such a finely crafted possession. Although regularly over-looked as a secondary kilt accessory, a sgian dubh along with a sporran will not only complete a Highland Dress outfit but will give the tremendous sense of an educated and truly Scottish wearer.

Given the recent security clamp-downs we have seen in all areas of society the Sgian Dubh has had to adapt to meet the needs of the Consumer. Recently the Safety Sgian Dubh, also known as the Dummy Sgian Dubh, has become increasingly popular. This is like any Sgian Dubh but does not have a blade, the same detailing and pride in design are still more than apparent. These are perfect for children or even those intending to travel as the pose no risk of harm to anyone.

We have found regular customers coming back to buy safety Sgian Dubhs in addition to their existing real Sgian Dubh for these very reasons.

As with all of our products if you cannot find the Sgian Dubh you are looking for please let us know as we have a vast range available to us.